Processing analysis shrimp crackers In Tanjung Medang Of Rangsang District Meranti Islands Regency Riau Province

Isherdi Saputra, Hendrik ', Hamdi Hamid


Research was conducted In Tanjung Medang of Rangsang District MerantiIslands Regency Riau Province January 2015. This study aimed to find out theproduction costs incurred in processing enterprises, total investment and profits ofprocessing enterprises shrimp crackers. Method used in this research is surveymethode whit case study as scope of area reseach by observing and Collectingdata the research of the business owner.Fixed capital used in processing enterprises shrimp crackersIDR107.024.000,- and added the working capital amount IDR 59.140.000,- sototal investment is IDR166.164.000,-. net income obtained by business ownersIDR15.454.050,- per month and production costs achieve IDR75.745.950,/monthKeyword : Shrimp, Business Analys, Production

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