Trophic state of the Tanjung Putus Lake, Siak Hulu District, Kampar Regency, Riau Province based on Trophic States Index

Agustri Minggu Samosir Minggu Samosir, Tengku Dahril, Asmika H Simarmata




Many activities in Tanjung Putus Lake Buluh Cina Village, Kampar District, Riau contributed the input of organic and anorganic matter that affectsthe water quality, especially nutrient concentration in waters.  A research aims to understand the trophic state of Tanjung Putus Lake, Buluh Cina Village, Kampar District, Riau based on TSI has been conducted on March, 2018. There were 3 station namely station 1 (inlet area), station 2 (in the middle of lake) and station 3 (outlet area). In each stations, there were 2 sampling sites, in the surface and in the middle of water column. Sampling was done three times, onces a week. Water quality parameters measured were transparency, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphate and nitrate concentration. Results shown that transparency : 85.17 – 96.50 cm, total phosphorus : 100.3 – 143.8 µg/L, chlorophyll-a : 6.406 – 8.497 µg/L, depth :160 cm – 250cm, temperature 30.2 – 31.8 ºC, 5, dissolved oxygen 4.82 – 6.48 mg/L and nitrate : 0.04 – 0.06mg/L TSI value (60.352-66.61). Based on the TSI  of  Tanjung Putus Lake was categorized as light eutrophic.
 Keywords:Tanjung putus lake, water quality, eutrophic

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