Loan-use System of Gourami Breeders (Osphronemus gouramy) at Seeding Gourami Business in Nagari Mungo Luak Subsdistrict Lima Puluh Kota District West Sumatera Province

Indah Novelia, Hamdi Hamid, Lamun Bathara


This study was conducted in january – february 2017 which located in Nagari Mungo Luak subsdistrict Lima Puluh Kota district West Sumatera province. This study aims to to analyze loan-use Gourami breeders (Osphronemus gouramy) based on kinship systems and sharing results system loan-use gourami breeders at seeding fish business the community Nagari Mungo. Methods used in this research is a method survey with the number of respondents from 15 people, where the determination of respondents were with purposive sampling. Loan-use system breeders fish were 2 categories lending breeders based on kinship an ancestor or because between one residence and lending based on kinship according to offspring or kinship ties. Loan-use category 1 the size of the ratio of the agreed by 50:50 it means share of the profits balanced that is 50 if the management and 50 for the owners , while system and loan use category 2 the size of the ratio of the in agreed of 60:40 it means management could get a share more namely 60 and the owner of is only 40 a share of the profits income .
Keywords: loan-use system, sharing results, seeding, gourami

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