Pengaruh Proses Pengomposan TKS Sisa Media Pertumbuhan Jamur Coprinus Comatus Terhadap Penurunan Rasio C/N

Sisri Wantri Sanjaya Manalu, Elvi Yenie, David Andrio


Empty fruit bunch (EFB) is a solid waste from palm oil industry which is 23% per ton fresh fruit bunch (FFB). Utilization of EFB is not optimal and it can be negative effect to environmental because of lignin content which hard to degradation. The best solution is utilization EFB so it can increase the positif value by doing composting This research aim to learn effect of anaerobic sludge from POME treatment toward C/N ratio In composting process there are 2 variations of addition wich are directly (S0 with 0.5 kg EFB spent mushroom) adding L1 about 1 kg, L2 about 2 kg, L3 about 3 kg, and L4 about 4 kg, and adding inderectly or in stage (S0 with 0.5 kg EFB spent mushroom) adding B1 about 2.5 kg, B2 about 0.5 kg, B3 about 0.75 kg and B4 about 1 kg. The result of lignin content in day 25 of pretreatment phase is 10.43% and the best result reach by composting with addition directly and addition indirectly  are adding 4 kg (L4) about 10.31% and adding with 1 kg (B4) about 14.14 and composting process stop in day 5. The conclusion in this research are pretratment by growing Coprinus comatus mushroom will help in degradation process and make the composting period be brief. Keywords : EFB, Composting, Anaerobic Suldge, C/N Ratio

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