Pengaruh Berat Katalis La/ZnO Dan Kecepatan Pengaduk Terhadap Produksi Biodisel Dari Crude Palm Oil (CPO) (Elaeis guineensis Jacq)

Al Swendo Musbar, Syaiful Bahri, Yelmida Yelmida


iodiesel is one of the alternative fuel substitute environmentally friendly solar. The use of biodiesel as fuel for diesel engines can lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. Total petroleum reserves are declining causes high world oil prices, to address this then required the development of renewable alternative energy derived from vegetable oils, biodiesel that is one of them. This research aims to produce biodiesel from CPO uses a heterogeneous catalyst La/ZnO, determine the characteristics of the catalyst and biodiesel as well as determine the selectivity of the catalyst La/ZnO. La/ZnO catalyst made of metal by way of La in the impregnation into the ZnO with 3% (b/b) ZnO, drained using the oven and calcination, oxidation and reduction. The process of making biodiesel is made through one stage of esterification and Transesterification was conducted simultaneously, stirring speed variation (200, 300, and 400 rpm) catalyst weight variation of ZnO 0.5 1, 1.5 and 2%, weight 80 grams and CPO sample methanol oil ratio against methanol 1:9 is inserted into the reactor for Transesterification reaction lasts for 60 minutes at a temperature of 60 ° c. This research resulted in the largest biodiesel yield on never stirring 200 rpm with a weight of catalyst 1% of 92.48%. Characteristics of catalyst has a surface area of 14.590 m2/gr La/ZnO catalyst has a good selectivity againts methyl palmitate.
Keywords: biodiesel, CPO, La/ZnO catalyst, transesterification

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