Safrudin Safrudin, Tri Umari, Sardi Yusuf


Abstract: This research was conducted as motivated by 1). In most anxious students in
choosing a career, 2). Most student do not get information about careers, 3). Most of the student
affected their friends in the choice of carrer, 4). The majority of students opposed to the opinion
of parents in career choice. The purpose of this study is 1). T reveal the student’s career planning
before given information services, 2). To reveal the student’s career plans after given
information services, 3). To find the difference before and after given information services to the
student of class IX MTs Darul Hikmah Pekanbaru in their career planning, 4). To determine the
influence of information services to the students career planning class IX MTs Darul Hikmah
Pekanbaru. In this study that will be examined is the student to 1). Self understanding, 2).
Planning a future, 3). Knowledge of workplace information, 4). Attitudes of decision-making. In
this study, researchers used an method with quasi experimental technicues. Data clectin tools
such as questionnaires statement. The populatin of this study are students of class IX MTs Darul
Hikmah Pekanbaru 2013/2014 as many as 61 students. Which consists 0f 33 students clss IX.A
and IX.B. analysis f the data using statistical techniques with the percentage formua, to
distinguish students palinning careers elections before and after the given information services
used test “t”. from the results of the test “t” obtained tcal obtained tstandard at the level of 5%
(16.445>1.980). Thus Ho is rejected and Ha accepted. Which mean that in this study there are
differences regarding the slection of students career planning before and after given information
services. Then from the calculation of the product moment r= 0.80 coefficient determinant can be
seen that there is a 64% contribution to the planning of information services for career chice
students class IX of MTs Darul Hikmah Pekanbaru
Key words: Choice of career planning, MTs Darul Hikmah Pekanbaru, Information service.

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