Khairul Amin, Ridwan Melay, Kamaruddin Kamaruddin


Abstract: Malacca Sultanate is one of the historic Sultanate as having the trade
center as well as the assessment centers teachings of Islam in the archipelago. The
entry of the teachings of Islam in the Sultanate of Melaka has brought a change in belief
systems, Social Life, Economics, and Politics in the life of the Malay community,
especially for those areas under the control of Melaka including Riau and Riau Islands.
The purpose of research is to describe the history of Islam in the Sultanate of Melaka, to
know clearly who are the sultans who once ruled the Malacca Sultanate, know and
understand what kind of role Malacca Sultanate in the development of the teachings of
Islam in Riau and Riau Islands, the effect of the inclusion of religious teaching Islam on
the lives of the Malay community. The method used in this research is the method of
Historical and methods Kualitatif.Hasil this study are known to the advent of Islam
diKesultanan Melaka because the roles of the traders from the Middle East region
sailed into Malacca Sultanate, from Melaka then Islam spread almost throughout the
archipelago including Riau region and Riau Islands which brings about changes in
belief systems, Social life, Economics, and Politics in public life Melayu Riau and Riau
Islands. Based on the research results, it can be concluded Malacca Sultanate was
instrumental in the development of Islamic teachings in the Riau Islands and
Riau.Dimana with the advent of Islam in public life has brought a very significant
change in the lives of the Malay community, especially in terms of confidence, Social
Life, Economics, and Politik.Islam not only as a religious doctrine, but as the rules in
life that leads to the road more glorious.
Keywords: Sultanate of Malacca, Islam, Riau and Riau Islands

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