Analysis of Organic Matter in Sediments and Macrozoobenthos from Coastal Waters of Hurun Bay of Lampung

Jumahat Siregar, Syahril Nedi, Aras Mulyadi


This study was conducted in July 2015 with the aim to observe the macrozoobenthos
population and organic matter content in the sediment. The samples were collected from Hurun
Bay in Lampung Province with using survey method. Samples were analyzed in the Laboratory
of Water Quality BBPPL Lampung and Chemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine
Sciences University of Riau. The study showed that the organic content in the sediment between
22.88 - 54.91%, while the abundance of macrozoobenthos was between 20.29 - 66.67 ind / m2.
Macrozoobenthos identified in Hurun Bay 8 species, 3 classes and 2 phylua. From the phylum of
Mollusca there were Gastropod i.e. which had 5 species and from the classes of bivalves the
study also found two species. From the phylum annelid there was one class, Polychaeta and one
species, i.e. Nereis sp. The relationship between macrozoobenthos and organic content was
expressed with the equation of Y = 9,411 + 0,6268X that the relationship of organic matter with
macrozoobenthos abundance was weak.
Keywords: Lampung, sediment, organic, makrozoobenthos

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