The Abundance and Distribution Patterns of Mussel Shell (Meretrix meretrix) in Coastal Water of Tanjung Balai Asahan North Sumatra Province

Marini ', Syafruddin Nasution, Joko Samiaji


This research was conducted from September – Oktober 2014 in coastal
water of Tanjung Balai Asahan north Sumatra. In general the shell was a group of
invertebrate animal (invertebrates) with its shape easy to be recognized. Most
shell were characterized by the presence of a shell that protected the body and
only a small part type was not shelled. The mussel shell M. meretrix was an
importat fishery commodities as food from the sea and popular to Tanjung Balai
community. Tanjung Balai Asahan coastal was one of the mussel shell M.
meretrix potential in north Sumatra. This research was aims to determine the
abundance and distribution patterns of mussel shell M. meretrix in the intertidal
zone Tanjung Balai Asahan. The method applied on this research was survey
method. Location ofthe study were divided into 2; station 1 was away from the
settlements; while station 2 was near residential area. To get a description of the
abundance distribution of mussel shell M. meretrix in the intertidal zone of the
coastal Tanjung Balai Asahan, the tidal area was divided into 4 zones by dividing
the tidal zone vertically, range from high tide to low tide.
In each zone a sample taken 5 plot with plot size 1x1m2. Sediment sample
were taken by 3 points in each zone, and rolled into one, so that amount of
sediment sample by 4 sample at each station. Sample taken shell, sediment,
measurement quality of the measured temperature, salinity, pH, brightness. The
result showed that the average abundance ranged from 1.6 ind/m2to 7 ind/m2. The
pattern of distribution in the study area tend to cluster. Based on the calculation of
the t test at each station and each zone F test on the abundance of mussel shell M.
meretrix showed equally not significantly different.
Keywords: Mussel shell, abundance, sediment, pattern distribution, Tanjung
Balai Asahan.


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