Benthic Foraminifera Distribution in the Sediment of Western Part of the Horizontal Section In Rupat Strait

Rosshalia ', Rifardi ', Zulkifli '


This research was conducted in May 2014 in the western part of the Rupat
Strait Riau Province with its aims to determine the distribution of benthic
foraminifera and sedimentation relative velocity. The determination of sampling
points was done by using purposive sampling method. The sediments were taken by
using Eckman Grab then preserved with Rose Bengal mixed by formalin .
The results showed that benthic foraminifera was found in higher amounts in
the north and south of the study site. By contrast, the smaller number was found in
the middle of the strait and the shoreline with the mangrove. These areas were
predominantly influenced by the high flow of current and mangrove area, with
relatively moderate sedimentation velocity. In West Rupat the waters was divided
into 3 clusters based on the data distribution of benthic species foraminefera namely:
group I was found in the northern, central and southern part of the study sites,
characterized by dominating species of Reussella hayasakai, Textularia orbica and
Bolivina humilis and sediment classified as very fine sand; group II was found in the
northern part of the study site with species that as dominated were
Fissuripolymorphina aequicellaris, Rosalina Concina and Bolivina humilis with high
organic matter content in the study sites; group III was found in the southern part of
research location with the dominating species were Ammonia beccari, Textularia
articulata and Textularia neoconica with the bottom sediments belonging to very fine
Keywords : benthic foraminifera, sediment, Rupat Strait..

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