The Study Of Chlorophyll- Content By Using Aqua Modis Satellite Imagery In Marinewaters Of Rokan Hilir Regency Riau Province

Raja Siagian, Joko Samiaji, Mubarak '


The research was conducted from October until December 2013 at marinewaters of Rokan Hilir Regency Riau Province. The purpose of this research was toinvestigate the chlorophyll- content using Aqua MODIS satellite image whichwas presented in the form of a map. The method used was case study method. Theresults showed the chlorophyll- concentrations were not varied greatly. InOctober and November 2013 the lowest values were 0,71 l and 0,69 mg/lrespectively, whereas the highest value in both months was 1,73 mg/l. Thechlorophyll- values in December 2013 ranged from 0,77-1,91 mg/l. The studyfound that the high values of cholophyll- in general were shown increasingtowards the coastal areas.

Key words : Chlorophyll- , Aqua MODIS and Rokan Hilir Regency

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