Effect of Fortification of Anchovy Flour (Stolephorus sp.) on Tempe (Fermented Soybean Cake) Flavor

Sapriono Sapriono, Syahrul Syahrul, Ira Sari



Tempe (Fermented soybean cake) is a fermented food ingredient from soybeans using the fungus Rhizopus sp. This study aimed to determine the effect of fortification of anchovy flour on  tempe flavor and to determine the best concentration of anchovy flour in making  tempe. The treatment  of this study was anchovy flour with different concentrations of P0 (0%), P1 (3%), P2 (5%), P3 (7%). The tested parameters in this study were organoleptic (appearance, texture, aroma and flavor), proximate (protein, moisture, and ash), and total  plate count (TPC). Fortification of anchovy flour on  tempe flavor had a significant effect on the value of appearance, texture, aroma, flavor, moisture content, protein, ash and had no significant effect on the TPC test. The result showed that the tempe  P1 is preferred by consumers, namely anchovy flour with a concentration of 3% (50 g) with the characteristics of color (brown white), texture (hard, slightly soft), aroma (slight smell of anchovy flour), flavor (a little taste of anchovy flour) with  58.24% moisture, 20.37% protein, 1.57% ash, and TPC of 3.9 x 103sel/gram.

Keywords: anchovy, fortification, tempe.

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