The Effectiveness of EM4Addition in TheBiofilter Tanks To Reduce BOD5 and COD in TheSago Industry Liquid Waste

Ronika Butar butar, Sampe Harahap, Eko Purwanto




Sago liquid waste is rich in BOD5 and COD and thus need to be processed before being flown to environment. A study aims to reduce the BOD5 and COD in that waste by using the biofilter that was added with EM4 has been conducted in April-May 2019. There were 3 treatments applied, namely the addition of 17 ml, 20 ml and 23 ml EM4 in the anaerob and aerob tanks, 3 replications.  The waste was settled for 3 days in the anaerob and 3 days in the aerob tanks. The treated waste was then tested for BOD5, and COD concentration. The treated waste was also used for rearing Cyprinus carpio seedlings. Result shown that after being treated using the EM4 enriched bio filter, the BOD5 reduced into 125,5-149,8 mg/L and COD was 224,3-289,3 mg/L.The survival ofCyprinus carpioseedling reared in the treated waste was 60-80 %.The best treatment to reduce the BOD5was the addition of 20 ml EM4and theeffectiveness was 97,08%, while that of the COD was 98,15%.It can be concluded that the addition of  EM4 to the biofilter tanks was able  to reduce the BOD5 and COD in the  sago industrial liquid waste.

Keywords: Effecctive Microorganisms-4, Cyprinus  carpio, Anaerob tanks, Aerob tanks

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