Limnological Condition of Akap Reservoir, PayungSekaki District, Pekanbaru Basedon Physical and Chemical Parameters

Ayu Defi Mandasari, Asmika Harnalin Simarmata, Madju Siagian



AKAP Reservoir was built to store excess water during the rainy season and as a recreation destination. A research aims to understand the limnological condition in the AKAP Reservoir based on physical-chemical parameters was conducted from March-April 2018. There were 4 sampling stations, namely Station 1 (inlet), Station 2 (in the middle of reservoir), Station 3 (in the middle of reservoir) and Station 4 (outlet). The water samples were taken once/week for a 3 weeks period. Water quality parameters measured were temperature, transparency, velocity, depth, water inflow, water level, pH, DO, CO2 free, nitrate and phosphate concentration. Results shown that the temperature was 29-300C, transparency 25.7-30.33 cm, depth 1.63-2.53 m, velocity 0.79-1.1 m/s, water inflow 0.26-0.31 m3/s, water level 86.3-116.7 cm, pH 5, DO 2.94-3.27 mg/L, CO2 free 7.99-11.98 mg/L, nitrate 0.04-005 mg/L, phosphate 0.06-0.09 mg/L. Based on the nitrate and phosphate concentrations, AKAP Reservoir can be categorized  as oligotrophic-mesotrophic.

Keywords : AKAP Reservoir, Water Quality, Oligotrophic, Mesotrophic

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