Stomach Content Analysis of Puntioplites bulufrom the PLTA Koto Panjang Reservoir Kampar RegencyRiau Province

Zaharatul Isnaini, Windarti Windarti, M. Fauzi M. Fauzi


  • Puntioplites buluis a freshwater fish that inhabit the Koto Panjang Reservoir. A study aims to understand the stomach content of P.buluhas been conducted from January to March 2019. The fish was sampled 6 times,  once/ 2 weeks. There were 65 fishes captured, but 3 fishes were discharged as they had empty stomach. Stomach content was analyzedusing a volumetric method and then the Preponderance Index (IP)was calculated. Resultsshown that the main food of the fish is Crustacea 39,38460%.Based on the data obtained, it can be concluded that the food of P.buluwas various.
  • Keywords : fish diet, Indeks of Preponderance, gut content, volumetric method

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