Reproductive Biology of Rasbora cephalotaenia from the Kandis River, Karya Indah Village, Tapung District, Kampar Regency, Riau

Mita Widiana, Eddiwan Eddiwan, Efawani Efawani



Rasbora cephalotaenia is found in the Kandis River. A study aims to understand the reproductive biology of R. cephalotaenia has been conducted on March - May 2018. The fish was sampled 4 times , once/ 2 weeks. Parameters measured were sex ratio, gonad maturity level, Gonad Somatic Index (GSI), fecundity and egg diameter. Results shown that there was 75 males and 53 females (sex ratio 2:1). Size at maturity level in male ranged from 57.49 mm SL, while that of the females was 69.24 mm SL. The average of male’s GSI ranged from 4.75 - 7.06%, while  that of the females was 7.02 - 13.73%. The average of fecundity was 2,416 eggs and egg diameter was 0.28 - 0.56 mm. Based on the size and distribution of egg diameter, it can be concluded that this fish is a partial spawner.


Keywords: Sex ratio, gonad maturity level, gonad somatic index, total spawner

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