Trophic State of t Tanjung Putus Lake, Kampar District, Riau Based on Trophic Index (TRIX)

Christin M. Saragih, Asmika H. Simarmata, Tengku Dahril



Many activities in Tanjung Putus Lake contributes the input of organic and an-organic matter that influence the water quality, especially nutrient concentration in the waters. A research aims to understand the trophic state of the Tanjung Putus Lake’s water based on Vollenweider’s Trophic Index (TRIX), was conducted on March-April 2018. There were 3 stations namely Station 1 (inlet area), Station 2 (the middle of the lake), and Station 3 (outlet area). In each station, there were 2 sampling sites, in the surface and in the middle of water column. Sampling was done three times, once a week. Water quality parameters measured were total posphorus, DIN (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen), chlorophyll-a, oxygen saturation, temperature, transparency and pH. Results shown that the total phosphorus: 0.10– 0.14 mg/L, DIN: 0.10 – 0.12 mg/L, chlorophyll-a: 6.41 – 8.50 mg/m3, oxygen saturation: 54.52 – 87.06%, temperature: 30.00 – 32.33°C, transparency: 85.17 – 96.50 cm, pH: 5, and          TRIX: 3.52 – 5.75. Based on the TRIX index value, the water of the Tanjung Putus Lake can be categorized as mesotrophic to eutrophic.


Keywords : Water Quality, Oxbow Lake, Mesotrophic, Eutrophic

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