Fish landing management Fishery Port of Palabuhanratu West Java province

Daud Hasian Joel, Jonny Zain, Pareng Rengi


This research was conducted in March until April 2017 at Fishery Port
of Nusantara Palabuhanratu West Java Province. The purpose of this research is to
know the cause of difference of fish landing implementation in PPN
Palabuhanratu with guidance of fishery landing fishery management of
Directorate of Infrastructure. The method used in this research is survey method,
that is by observing the elements - elements and management functions associated
with fish landing facilities and activities in the VAT Palabuhanratu. From the
results of the research indicate that there are differences in the implementation of
fish landing activity in the VAT Palabuhanratu with guidance of fish landing
method Directorate of Infrastructure Development. First, the ships that will be
docked will be given the queue number and the officer determines the demolition
site, but the ship is closing its vessel on the dock unloading without the
supervision of the port officer. Secondly, the ship landed the fish at the front
loading pier of TPI and when it was completed the demolition of the vessel was
supposed to be transferred to the boat mooring dock, but that happened finished
unloading the catch, the ship was not directly transferred to the parking lot of the
ship, but parked his ship on the dock Unloading it. So the other vessels do the
demolition at the mooring dock.
Keywords: Fish Landing, Management, Palabuhanratu

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