Morphometric, meristic and growth pattern of Osphrenemus gouramy Lac. from the Pinang Luar Oxbow Lake, Buluhcina Village, Kampar Regency, Riau

Mirnawati Dewi, Deni Efizon, Eddiwan '


Osphrenemus gouramy or gurami fish is freshwater fish that live in the
Pinang Luar Lake. Population of that fish in the lake, however, is low and
information on its biological aspect such as morphometric, meristic, and growth
pattern is rare. A study aims to determine those aspects had been conducted in
March 2017. There were 102 fishes, with 63.87-193.72 mm TL and 3.49-129.98
gr BW. There were 25 morphometrical characteristics measured and 11 meristical
characteristics counted. The meristical characteristic of this fish as as follow :
D.10-14, P.9-13, V.1-6, A.19-20, C.15-16, and the number of scales in the predorsal
fin was 21-80, around the body was 37-76, in the caudal penducle was 8-31
and in the lateral line was 20-42. The length-weight relationship shown that
growth pattern of the fish is positif allometric, b=3.070 in male, and b=3.032 in
female. The water quality parameters shown that temperature 27-29 oC,
transparancy 36-42 cm, pH 5, DO 2-2.5 mg/L, CO2 6.9-7 mg/L and depth 150-520
cm. Data on water quality parameters indicate that water quality in the Pinang
Luar Lake is able to support the life of gurami fish.
Keywords: growth patterns, meristic, morphometric, Osphrenemus gouramy,
Pinang Luar Oxbow Lake.

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