Chlorophyll-a Consentration in Parit Belanda River, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru, Riau

Julianti ', Madju Siagian, Asmika H Simarmata


Anthropogenic activities conducted around the Parit Belanda River may produce organic pollutant that affect the water quality in general and it is reflected in the concentration of chlorophyll-a in the water. A research aim to determine the trophic status of the Parit Belanda River based on chlorophyll-a concentration has been carried out in December 2016. There are three stations namely station 1 (in the upstream), station 2 (in the middle), and station 3 (in the downstream). Samplings were conducted once/week for 4 weeks period. Water quality parameters measured were temperature, pH, transparency, turbidity, DO, CO2, nitrate and phosphate. Result shown that chlorophyll-a concentration range from 8.15-11.56 μg/L. Water quality parameters were as follows: temperature 28-290C, pH 5-6, transparency 46.5-55.8 cm, turbidity 19.24-25.06 FTU, DO 2.30-5.10 mg/L, CO2 32.96-54.94 mg/L, nitrate 0.076-0.137 mg/L and phosphate 0.221-0.264 mg/L. Based on the chlorophyll-a concentration, the Parit Belanda River can be categorized as mesotrophic.
Keywords : chlorophyll-a, mesotrophic, water quality, Parit Belanda River

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