Analisis Daya Anestesi Bahan Alami Ekstrak Buah Keben (Barringtonia asiatica) Pada Ikan Bawal Bintang (Trachinotus blochii)

Cik Mas Edison, Thamrin ', Yusni Ikhwan Siregar


The experiment was conducted at Marine Aquaculture Unit of UPTD Sub-
District of Moro Fishery and Marine Office of Karimun Regency, Province of
Kepulauan Riau on February to March 2017. Extraction stage was conducted at
Marine Chemical Laboratory Department of Marine Science Faculty of Fisheries
and Marine University of Riau. This Study aims to obtain the optimal
concentration of extract Keben (Barringtonia asiatica) for the process of
imotilization of Silver Pompanoo Fish. The test animal used is Silver Pompanoo
(Trachinotus blochii) with size 150-200 gr. On the basis of preliminary results, the
experiment were carried out with 4 treatment concentrations of 13,79 mg/l, 19,00
mg/l, 26,00 mg/l, 35,50 mg/l, and 0 mg/l as controls. Anova test showed that
concentration had significant effect (P<0,05) on induction time, recovered
conscious and survival rate of Silver Pompanoo. The results showed that
concentration 13,79 mg/l was the optimal concentration for Silver Pompanoo
imotilization process with induction time ranged from 15-17 minutes and
conscious recovering time around 4-5 minutes and long fainting for 4,5 hours and
resulted in rate of life equal to 86,6%.
Kata Kunci : Barringtonia asiatica, Trachinotus blochii, imotilization.
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