The Utilization ofWater lettuce Silage (Pistia stratiotes) with Marine Yeast Inoculant in Feed of Selais (Ompok rhadinurus Ng)

Firnando Sitanggang, Adelina ', Indra Suharman


The research was conducted on July - August 2016. The purpose of this
studied to determine the number of water lettuce silage flour in fish feed
formulation selais (Ompok rhadinurus Ng) the effect on growth, feed efficiency
and protein retention. This study uses a completely randomized design (RAL)
with one factor, 5 treatments and 3 replications. Treatments using flour of water
lettuce silage where are P0 (100% TK:0% SDK), P1 (95% TK:5% SDK), P2 (90
TK:10% SDK), P3 (85% TK:15% SDK) and P4 (80% TK:20% SDK). Which
Feed protein contain 35%. The results showed that the highest treatments
contained in P3. Use water lettuce silage flour formulated in the feed as much as
15%, produces the best selais fish seed growth is digestibility is the feed 70,24 %,
the feed efficiency is 18,03 %, specific growth rate is 1,81 % and protein retention
is 14,83 %.
Key word : (Ompok rhadinurus Ng), Water Lettuce, Silage

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