The Maintenance of Striped Catfish (Pangasius hypopthalumus) With Bioflocs Technology on Peat Swamp Water

Darmawan ', Rusliadi ', Iskandar Putra


This research was conducted from August until September 2016 at Laboratory Aquaculture
of Technology Faculty Fisheries and Marine Science, University of Riau. The purpose of this
research was to investigate growth and survival rate of striped catfish with bioflocs system on
peat swamp water. This research using experimental method and completely random design
(RAL) one factor with three treatment there are P0: without giving probiotics (control), P1:
probiotics giving 5 ml/m3, P2: probiotics giving 10 ml/m3, P3: probiotics giving 15 ml/m3.
The result showed that maintenance of striped catfish with bioflocs technology on peat
swamp water is different giving affect significantly on the growth of absolute weight,
absolute length growth, specific growth rate and food conversation rate (FCR), but not affect
significantly on the survival rate, food efficiency. The best treatment were obtained in
treatment three (P3) with probiotics dosage giving 15 ml/m3 with value growth of absolute
weight 10.49 gram, growth in absolute length 5.07 cm, specific growth rate 4.32 %, food
efficiency (EP) 98,38 %, food conversation rate (FCR) 1,03, flock volume 10.93 ml and
survival rate 97.97 %.
Keyword : striped catfish, bioflocs technology, peat swamp water

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