Pola Arus Pasang Surut dan Gelombang di Perairan Teluk Bayur Kota Padang Provinsi Sumatera Barat

Sastrawan Barus, Afrizal Tanjung, Musrifin Ghalib


This research was conducted on July 2016 in the port of Teluk Bayur Padang City, West Sumatra Province with intention to determine the characteristics of waves and tidal currents. The method used in this research is survey method in the form of primary and secondary data. The observations determined using the Grid method. a rectangular larly throughout the study area. The number of station points that exist in this study consisted of 15 station points, the distance between stations less than 50 cm. the current velocity ranged from 0,21 – 0,53 m/sec, water depth in the waters of Teluk Bayur ranged from 2 - 11 meters, wave height in the waters of Teluk Bayur average range between 0,14 – 0,27 m, wave period average range between 1,31 – 3,12 seconds. Wavelengths ranging from 2,67 to 15,0 m. The observation of the current direction at high tide ranged between 50o-80o to the southeast, and at subside that current direction ranged from 180o to 210o toward the southwest.Kata Kunci : Arus, Gelombang, Teluk Bayur, Padang, Sumbar

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