Sri Delima Harahap, Sri Utami, Nurul Huda


During pregnancy, the mother will experience both physical and psychological changes, one of the psychic changes
experienced by pregnant women in the form of sleep disorders. Fulfilling the needs of sleep in pregnant women is an
important thing to be able to maintain the condition of pregnant women in the optimal state during pregnancy. One way
that can be done to overcome sleep disorders in pregnant women is to do yoga. This study aims to determine the
effectiveness of yoga on sleep quality of pregnant women. This research uses Quasy experiment design with nonequivalent
control group design divided into experiment and control group. This research was conducted in Kualu
Village Working area of Puskesmas Tambang with total sample 34 respondents taken by purposive sampling technique.
The measuring tool used in the two groups is the PSQI (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index) questionnaire. The data
analysis used dependent T test and independent T test. The results of this study indicate effective yoga on maternal sleep
quality with p value (0.000) <alpha (0,05). The results of this study can be used as a reference to use yoga as an
alternative in overcoming complaints of sleep quality disorders in pregnant women.

Keyword: Pregnantwomen, sleep quality, yoga.

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