Perancangan Sistem Keamanan Jaringan TCP/IP Berbasis Virtual LAN Dan Access Control List

Muhammad Ariq Istiqlal, Linna Oktaviana Sari, Irsan Taufik Ali


Internet network that has been developed at this time is a network architecture based on TCP / IP.
Each layer of the TCP / IP on the Internet provides an opportunity for a security hole. One of many
ways of closing the security hole is to set the Access Control List (ACL) on the Internetwork layer.
ACL is used to permit or deny the package from the host towards a specific purpose. ACL consists
of rules and conditions that determine and define the process network traffic at the router whether
the package will be passed or not. Methods ACL is created on an existing VLAN network, thus
increasing the security of the network. Results of this research is with implement an ACL can block
internet sites that can not be accessed by the user in a network. Then by applying ACL on VLAN,
the access rights of a user on the network can be segmented, thus reducing the chance of spreading
"a network virus" which can make a network busy.
Kata kunci : TCP/IP Security, Virtual LAN, DHCP Server, Access Control List

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