Pusat Tanaman Obat Di Pekanbaru Dengan Pendekatan Arsitektur Organik

Alfian Alfian, Gun Faisal, Yohannes Firzal


The center of medicinal plants is a center that accommodates facilities in the form of educational and recreational facilities related to the cultivation and development of herbal or traditional medicinal plants. . Lately, in modern life, there are unhealthy habits such as consuming ready-to-eat foods that have an adverse effect on those foods that have preservatives, when sick people go to doctors whose medicines are derived from chemicals. So that the center of this medicinal plant is an effort to preserve ancestral culture in an effort to utilize medicinal plants in Pekanbaru as a safe traditional treatment without side effects. The center of medicinal plants in Pekanbaru uses an organic architecture approach which is an architectural philosophy that promotes harmony between human habitation and nature, so that in the center of this medicinal plant the building uses materials from nature, colors in harmony with nature, maximizing the potential of the site, not changing the nature ingredients. The center of medicinal plants in Pekanbaru uses the concept of life from nature which is applied in harmony with the theme. Life from nature is inspired by the relationship between living things and nature, especially humans. how nature provides all human needs to carry out their lives. like the thing is the function of the building that provides all kinds of herbal medicines from nature for humans themselves.
keywords : Pekanbaru, The Center of medical plants, Architecture Organic

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