Analisis Gaya Pada Alat Bending Roll Menggunakan Metode Elemen Hingga Dan Eksperimental

Dian Haryanto, Efi Afrizal, Dodi Sofyan Arief


Bending Roll is a tool used to make curves, which are widely used in the field of construction work. The Bending Roll
tool made by Tongam and Aweng (2018) has not been tested. To analyze the performance of the Bending Roll tool using the
finite element method then compared with direct testing. Testing through finite element method Finite element method
software is used, namely Abaqus. That testing directly specimens used there are two types, plate and Hollow. For plate
specimens, the rolling process is tested by adding a load using a hydraulic jack and the compressive force measured by the
pressure gauge. Whilst Hollow specimens a strain gauge is also used to measure the strain that occurs during rolling. The
goal is to be able to see the phenomena that occur in the specimen during rolling. The results of the most ideal specimen to
be carried out on a tool is a specimen with a thickness of 3 mm. On the 3 mm plate the stresses are large and can form
young specimens with a small force. When the force used is small, it will extend the life of the bending roll tool. If calculated
the level of difference in measurements that occur is not so big between experimental measurements and simulation
Key words: Bending Roll, finite element, pressure gauge, strain gauge.

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