Penurunan Kadar COD Pada Limbah Cair Hotel Dengan Sistem Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Menggunakan Chlorella sp.

Mustika Chairani, Shinta Elystia, Sri Rezeki Muria


Organic matter contained in the hotel wastewater can be used as a nutrients of microalgae Chlorella sp. so its reduce COD. There are two treatment process happened in MBBR, suspended growth and attached growth by adding biocarriers in the reactor as a place for the propagation of microalgae. This research describes the study of effect of biocarrier (Kaldnes 1 (K1)) filling volume to decreasing COD in hotel wastewater. The study conducted in batches by varying of Kaldnes 1 (K1) filling volume with 4 different levels, that is 0% (without the addition of Kaldnes 1 (K1)), Kaldnes 1 (K1) filling volume as many as 10%, 20%, and 30% (wastewater volume). This process takes up to 5 days with solar irradiation in the MBBR. The result showed that 20% Kaldnes 1 (K1) filling volume happened in days-5 was able to reduce COD with efficiency of COD is 81.82%.
Keyword: Chlorella sp., MBBR, Hotel Wastewater, COD

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