Analisis Koefisien Rezim Aliran (Kra) Berdasarkan Permenhut No: P.61/2014 (Studi Kasus: Sub Das Batang Sinamar, Sub Das Batang Ombilin Dan Sub Das Lubuk Ambacang)

Sutopo Sutopo, Yohanna Lilis H, Bambang Sujatmoko


Activities to determine the development of satisfaction, quality, and continuity of water flow from watersheds / sub-watersheds, namely by monitoring and evaluating water systems, one of the monitoring
and evaluation of water systems using KRS (River Regime Coefficient) Based on Permenhut No: P.61 / 2014 conducted in Sub Batang Sinamar watershed, Batang Ombilin watershed and Lubuk Ambacang
watershed. This watershed was chosen because in this area floods occur every year. The data used are Indragiri Hulu watershed map data and discharge data to analyze the KRA value. The results of KRA
analysis in the Batang Sinamar Sub-watershed from 2010 to 2018 amounted to 35.40 included in the classification of "Low" with a score of 0.75, the results of the KRA analysis on the Batang Ombilin Subwatershed in 2009 to 2018 amounted to 248.20 included in the classification of "Very High" with a score of 1.5 and the results of the analysis of the KRA analysis in the Lubuk Ambacang Sub-watershed in 2009 to 2018 amounted to 35.56 included in the classification of "Low" with a score of 0.75.
Keywords : water management monitoring, flow regime coefficient, indragiri watershed

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