Peramalan Gelombang Untuk Menentukan Konfigurasi Groin

Venni Devita, Bambang Sujatmoko, Manyuk Fauzi


Bengkalis coast has been attacked by abrassion and to restored or to reduce the attacked adding beach buildings. The purpose of this research is to provide general information of around the coast. The method used in this research is wave forecasting uses the SPM'84 method and this research uses wind data as a wave generator. Wind data is used to get the average wind speed The results showed in this research are that the dominant wind direction for 5 years is northeast with an average speed of 7.0 meters / second with a fetch of 61.167 km. Wave height of 1.33 m and a period of 5.4 seconds. High breaking waves is 1.120 m at depth 1.682 m.    Keywords: Bantan Coast,Wave Forecasting, Groyn

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