Fasilitas Pelatihan Seni Pertunjukan Di Tepi Sungai Siak Pekanbaru Dengan Pendekatan Arsitektur Waterfront

Mohd. Aidil Akbar, Pedia Aldy, Mira Dharma S


Art is an integral part of the human history that is inseparable from the development of human civilization. Performing art is the identity of a nation as one of the cultural wealth. Pekanbaru city with multiple layers of society, have a numerous arts and cultures need cultural spaces that are able to accomodate a wide range of performing arts. Siak River flows through and splitting the city, it have historical values and local wisdoms that can be utilized to create a cultural district on the river. Siak River as an icon of Pekanbaru in ancient times can regrow the cultural values that have started are lost among the public. The Siak Riverside can potentially be used as a cultural tourist destinations, it can take advantages of the natural resources that exist in the surroundings. Performing Art Training Facilities that have educative functions will be supported by aspects of the malay culture and local wisdom, these facilities will accomodate training and performing medium for artists and recreational for visitors. The design methods used include field data collection, studies and empirical studies library. The result of this design is the performing art facilities with the concept of a “Culture Wave” adopt shape and meaning implementation on the principle of the waterfront architecture. Wave visualization applied to the site design through a patterned waves canal-dividing the site into three parts, and the wave shape of the roof, while the image of the building adopt the typical of the malay culture and Pekanbaru local wisdom.
Keywords: Performing art, Wave, Culture, Waterfront Architecture

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