Pembuatan Bodi Hidroksiapatit Berpori Menggunakan Template Pelepah Pisang Dengan Metode Replica

Ilham Habib, Ahmad Fadli, Komalasari Komalasari


Banana midrib (Musa Paradisiaca) can be used as an ideal pore-forming template for fabricating hydroxyapatite (HA) implant because it has an architecture which formed a hierarchical multimodal pore system. The purpose of this research is for fabrication of HA-based bone implant with the utilization of banana midrib as a porous-making template. Banana midrib was cut into circular samples of 1 cm diameter and length 1 cm. Banana midrib was then impregnated with a slurry made by mixing (8,32, 10, 11,68) grams of HA, sago 11% of HA, 3% Darvan 821A and 10 grams of aquadest. The mixture wa stirred for 24 hours to form a slurry. The substrates were impregnated and then dried at 120oC for 2 hours. The obtained green bodies then burned at 600oC for 1 hour and followed by sintering at 13000oC for 1 hour. The result showed that the porosity of the implant in the range of 54,27-57,64% and compressive strength 2,99-5.58 MPa, respectively. The formed pores have a diameter of 30-50 μm. The fabricated implant can be applied mechanically to cancellous bone.
Keywords: banana midrip, bone implant, hydroxyapatite, scaffold

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