Pembuatan Komposit Pati Sagu/Polivinil Alkohol (PVA) Dengan Penambahan Kitosan Sebagai Filler Dan Gliserol Sebagai Plasticizer

Putri Deliana, Khairat Khairat, Bahruddin Bahruddin


Sago-based bioplastics have weaknesses in low mechanical properties, so it is necessary to add synthetic plastics that are stronger but biodegradable and suitable fillers. This study aims to determine the effect of PVA, glycerol and chitosan on the mechanical and morphological properties of sago starch-based bioplastics. Bioplastics are made by intercalation of solutions,
namely mixing sago starch, PVA, glycerol and chitosan. Testing samples include tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus, tear strength, water uptake, biodegradability, and morphology. Data analysis using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) with the method used Central Composite Design (CCD). The results showed that starch starch/PVA levels, glycerol and chitosan greatly influenced the properties and morphology of sago starch-based
edible film bioplastic products. The best process conditions were obtained from the ratio of sago starch/PVA 1/3 b/b, glycerol 0,06 ml/g of sago starch, 4% chitosan b/b composite, with tensile strength of 15,88 MPa, elongation of 10,29%, elastic modulus 138,09 MPa, tear strength 9,32 Kgf, water uptake 73,38% and biodegradability 75,25%. These results have met SNI tensile strength 13,7 MPa specifications for bioplastic products.
Keywords : bioplastics, glycerol, chitosan, tensile strength, PVA

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