Pondok Pesantren Di Tanjung Samak Dengan Pendekatan Arsitektur Islam

Rahman wahyudi, Wahyu Hidayat, Pedia Aldy


Tanjung Samak is the most densely populated population in the District of Rangsang. To create good human resources, the people of Tanjung Samak want their children to study while reciting, where they continue to uplift morality or noble character as capital of Faith and devoted in the future. Islamic boarding schools as the oldest Islamic institution seems to still maintain moral education, so the existence of Islamic boarding schools can function as a means of fixing students. Research methods used through field surveys, literature reviews and documentation. Islamic Boarding Schools are designed with the theme of Islamic Architecture which is emphasized in the arrangement of buildings and appearance of buildings so as to display the characteristics of Islamic Architecture buildings. The concept used is taken from the function of the building itself, which is prayer. The results of this study found that the design of Islamic Boarding Schools applies the theme of Islamic Architecture to the look that uses the principles of repetition and the appearance of calligraphy.
Keywords: Islamic Architecture, Islamic Boarding School, Tanjung Samak

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