Perancangan Antena Mikrostrip Circular Dual-Band 28 Dan 38 Ghz Dengan Metamaterial Crlh (Composite Right Left Handed) Untuk Jaringan Komunikasi 5g

Firman Robiansyah, Yusnita Rahayu


In recent years, the development of fifth generation (5G) communication technology has become an interesting issue. It is a new communication that improve network efficiency, capacity data rate and lower power consumption. In this paper , a circular metamaterial composite right left handed microstrip antenna is designed. The antenna is simulated by using CST microwave studio operated at 28/38 Ghz. The substrate used is RT Duroid 5880. From the simulation result, the return loss of -36.932 dB and -32.977 dB are obtained for 28 GHz and 38 GHz bandwidth of 7.68 GHz and 6.41 GHz and gain-of 4.91 dB and 5.2 dB.
Keyword:Metamaterial CRLH, Microstrip antenna, 5G antenna

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