Galeri Tenun Ikat Suku Dayak Di Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah Dengan Pendekatan Arsitektur High Technology

Ashma Ditasari, Wahyu Hidayat, Andre Novan


Dayak society defines the woven fabric is one of the results of the culture of Dayak communities. Expertise in a woven inherited hereditary through informal learning. At the end of the year 1980-90s it was already difficult to found caused lots of fabric already bought traded with foreigners and artisans weaving is also difficult to be found. The times affects the public to privately thought using the woven are considered antiquated and outdated. This is certainly very apprehensive when all results culture became locally extinct or even disappear, because it is not awake nor undertakes with properly. Therefore, the results of these Dayak weaving can be maintained and preserved, in order to be seen more to appreciate the culture and maintaining preserved by giving proper containers and in accordance with the needs that are equipped with supporting facilities activities It's like a gallery. The research method used through field survey, documentation, and analysis of typical schemes (ornament) in weaving itself as spots, threads ornament woven fabric , stop at doyo iban, and kai pagatan at weaving. The results of this research describes how the application thread orrnament spots that is focused towards the motives of the stalks crisp can be applied in the architecture of High Technology by adopting characteristics of High Technology Architecture, such as structure, materials, colors, System technology in buildings, and the ornament motif which applicated on technology system (Kinetic Facade). This research also can confirm that Dayak Ikat Gallery can be used as inspiration and applied to the design of the building technology of the present.
Keywords: Architecture, Central Borneo, Dayak, Ornament, The Architecture Of High Technology.

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