Rumah Sakit Paru-Paru Di Pekanbaru Dengan Pendekatan Arsitektur Hi-Tech

Fuzail Qaris, Wahyu Hidayat, Andre Novan


The phenomenon of forest fires in Riau resulted in a smoke disaster that became the main problem every year. Uncontrolled forest fires are air pollutants that can interfere with daily activities and are also harmful to respiratory health. As a result, many of Riau residents are experiencing respiratory health problems caused by the smoke disaster, especially in Pekanbaru. Therefore, it is necessary to present a special health facility to treat lung abnormalities, namely Lung Hospital in Pekanbaru. Successful healing of lung disease depends on a natural, healthy, clean, and pollution-free environment. Thus, the Hi-Tech design approach was chosen to be able to engineer the environment to keep the air clean and pollution-free in the event of a smoke disaster. The application of technology to the building focuses on natural air-conditioning systems in the hospital environment as a healing medium for patients. This building is expected to help the healing process of the patient so that the concept applied is Hospital, Healthy House. This concept is transformed into a healthy zoning, healthy space, healthy accessibility, and a healthy facade. The results of this study in the form of Lung Hospital design that applies technology as an effort in assisting patients in the healing process of lung disease.
Keywords: Lung Hospital, Pekanbaru, Hi-Tech, Healthy House

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