Kapasitas Adsorpsi Anabaena cycadae Untuk Penyisihan Logam Crom (Cr) Dari Limbah Cair Industri Elektroplating

Tri Juarsa, Shinta Elystia, Sri Rezeki Muria


Utilization of algae biomass can be an alternative solution to environmental pollution problems due to heavy metals, because it has an active site and pores on the surface so it can be used in biosorption process. This study was conducted to
determine whether the biosorbent of Anabaena cycadae algae in reducing Cr level of electroplating industry waste water. Biosorbent dose variation are 500 mg /l, 700 mg / l, 900 mg / l and 1100 mg / l, 105μm, 149 μm and 177 μm biosorbent particle size and contact time variations of 30, 45, 60, and 75 minutes were
performed to determine the effect to the biosorption process. The optimum state was obtained at an algal dose is 900 mg / l, a particle size is 105 μm with a contact time is 60 min. The adsorption capacity of algae in absorbing Cr metal is 2,379 mg / g.
Keywords: biosorption, algae biomass, biosorbent mass, pH, contact time, Cr, electroplating wastewater

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