Aplikasi Seni Bina Rumah Tradisional Pada Rancang Bangun Kontemporer Studi Kasus Rancangan Galeri Seni Kriya Di Siak Sri Indrapura

Tri Maelawati, Yohannes Firzal, Gun Faisal


Malay people defined house just not as residence, but also as the light of life, hereditary place, anchored place of the kin, past merchants stopover and parents debt to their children. This
research purpose identified characteristic and ornamen decoration traditional home building art Malay in Siak. Research methodology used through field surveys, documentation, and analysis of
traditional malay buildings such as Datuk Zein Pesisir house, Datuk Djalil house, Sharwan Hamid house, Panjang Palace, Paraduan Palace and Kerapatan Tinggi Hall. The results of this research
explained how application traditional home building art of Siak can be applied to contemporary design by applying characteristic of Malay Siak Building like structure, column, ladder, wall, door,
window, roof, and ornament of decoration. This Researh be also confirmed that traditional home building art can be an inspiration and applied to contemporary design.
Keywords: Architecture, Malay, Siak

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