Habibul Wahyudi, Muchid "


Democracy is commonly discussed and often debated. Talk of democracy has
existed since 2500 years ago in Greece , in the city of Athens . Many countries in the
world with democratic systems , including Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the
world . This research will raise the idea of democracy offered by a politician and
Muslim intellectuals , Muhammad Natsir . Natsir reject the spirit of modern democracy
backgrounds Western secular culture . Because Natsir considers it is not in accordance
with the guidance and teachings of Islam . The purpose of this study are : First , analyze
and explain about democracy in the political thought of Muhammad Natsir (1945-
1950). Second , the view expressed by Muhammad Natsir on Election (voting ) .
The method used in this research is qualitative research analysis model is
descriptive. By collecting and interpreting the data and then analyze and examine it
more clearly as factors related to the phenomenon under investigation, in this case
literature be related deepen the political thought of Muhammad Natsir on Democracy.
Thus, this study also called library research. Based on the findings of this study show
that: First, democracy is an elaboration of the theistic God's sovereignty and the
sovereignty of the people. In the opinion of Natsir, Islam is not a full democracy
adherents nor theocracy whole, Islam is Islam. And the question of democracy theistic
stated by Muhammad Natsir is that the ideas of Islam in the state could accept the rules
of the secular (reason, intuition, experience), then Islam complete with relevation
(revelation). Secondly, Based on democratic practices related to the General Election
then Natsir view of the election should be carried out with a record of consensus
agreement must be contained.
Keywords : Political Thought , Democracy Theistic , Muhammad Natsir .

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