Damara Saputra Siregar, Syofia Achmnes


Implementation of MICE management operationalize theoretical concepts in
the book P.Hasibuan Terry GR (2005) that state that the management process consists
of: planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling.
Growing MICE industry in Indonesia, including the city of Pekanbaru. City
Goverment continues to initiate Pekanbaru city as MICE city in Sumatera. One of the
leading institutions that have a major role in the realization of this idea is the
Pangeran hotel Pekanbaru. which is a four-star hotel MICE service providers with a
high number of events.
The formulation of the research problem is how the implementation of the
MICE management in Pangeran Hotel Pekanbaru. This study uses descriptive
qualitative research with census sampling. The data collected with observation,
interview and questionnaire.
Based on research in the field, the original purpose of the existence of MICE
in Pangeran Hotel Pekanbaru is a venue to facilitate and serve each agency or
organization that will organize a MICE event. Implementation of MICE management
has done well, ranging from the planning stage, organizing, actuating and controlling
has done well. Management process has been carried out in accordance with existing
rules and procedures for this purpose so that the company has exceeded the target set.
But there are still some factors that affect the implementation of the MICE
management in Pangeran hotel Pekanbaru is human resources, infrastructures and
means of motivation. Still inadequate number of available resources in terms of both
number and skill and still very rarely done given training so that skills training and
job performance is still lacking. And also still lack the necessary infrastructure thus
affecting the services provided.
Implementation of MICE management in Pangeran hotel Pekanbaru should be
improved so that the achievement of corporate goals can be realized with better
considering the high number and complexity of existing competition.
Keywords: Management, Hotel, MICE

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