Syamsul ", Chalid Sahuri


Analysis of Birth Certificate Child Care Arrangements in Peknabru City.
Service is one of the things that really need to get the attention of the government, so
that the user community services were satisfied with the service provided. In relation
to the above Department of Population and Civil Registration Pekanbaru City is one
of the agencies authorized to provide services to the community, especially in the
areas of service birth certificate.
Birth certificate is a certificate issued by the competent authority, which is
related to the birth in order to acquire or obtain legal certainty against someone. Deed
made based on reports of births conveyed within the time limit no later than 60
(sixty) working days for the citizen and 10 (ten) working days from the date of birth
for foreigners baby.
This research uses descriptive qualitative research method. Researchers are
trying to reveal the facts in accordance with the reality. This study does not seek or
explain relationships, not to test hypotheses or make predictions. The data will be
described by what it is so it can be an understanding.
From the research it can be concluded that the Birth Certificate Child Care
Arrangements in Pekanbaru city has not done well. It can be seen from the results of
the interviews and the data that has been presented previously that of indicators of
professionalism and skills, attitudes and behaviors, and trustworthy reliability,
accessibility and flexibility, repair, reputation and credibility of the Birth Certificate
Child Care Arrangements in City Pekanbaru not run with the maximum there are still
things that are not in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure which has be
Key words: Care, Birth Certificate, Department of Population and Civil Registration

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