Rahman Dani, Sri Zuliarni


Consumer response is a state that is easily swayed to give a response to stimuli from the
environment that can guide a person's behavior to take a decision. Response usually plays a
major role in shaping behavior. In many ways a response to a particular brand often influence
the consumer to make a purchase or not. Home or a restaurant meal is a type of food service
business which is housed in a permanent building some or all of which sell and serve food and
beverages to the public. In general, foods consumed with the aim to meet the most basic
requirements, namely the primary human needs. Along with the times and the level of the
developing economy of the community have an impact on the tendency of individuals or group of
people to eat outside the home has increased the practical and economic reasons. In these
circumstances the consumer in a position of strength, a lot of options for a requirement that
consumers are confused to choose a product. In the face of stiff competition and established a
powerful brand can give credibility to a new product that is also a clear differentiator, valued
and continuous. The quality of the product is believed to have a tremendous power to captivate
people to buy a product or service that is representative, the purchase decision is more often
based on a consideration of the quality of the product.
In meeting the needs of the consumer pack chicken restaurant penyet ulis Pekanbaru
branch already doing things right and necessary in its execution, yet the problem still can not be
avoided. Responding to the chicken restaurant penyet pack ulis Pekanbaru branch as the
provider of culinary products using appropriate policies in resolving the problem by taking into
account the performance, features, service ability, aesthetics, and perceived quality dimensions
are included in the product.
Keywords: consumer response, quality, culinary product.

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