Gery Ari Yonry, Ali Yusri


Gery Ariyonri "Development of Eastern District of Kampar Kampar District by the
Government". Tier One Degree Thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University
of Riau in 2014 guided by Drs. Yusri Ali, MS
This study aims to determine why the task execution Kampar regency administration in
fostering government Apparatus Eastern District of Kampar do not run well and look at the
obstacles faced by the district administration in fostering Apparatus Eastern District of
The method used in this research is by using a qualitative approach. Types and sources of
data in this study were obtained from Primary Data and Secondary Data. Collecting data in
this study conducted in observation, documentation and interviews. Informant research is PR
Kampar district, sub-district and sub-district secretary, and several community leaders
Kampar East. Informants in this study determined purposive sampling, and data analysis
technique used is descriptive qualitative.
Field findings the authors conclude that the Kampar District Government has done in
coaching but coaching pelasanaanya conducted Kampar regency administration is not done
continuously and regularly. The process of coaching is done Kampar regency administration
by providing guidance, give direction, provide training and education, providing instruction
and provide manuals to the Government Apparatus Eastern District of Kampar. However, in
practice based on the research results of the local government district of Kampar
Experiencing the absence of constraints operating costs of the district continues to provide
guidance and regular, and therefore coaching is done is not going well.
Keywords: Guidance, district, sub-district head

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