Andi Rakasiwi, Wan Asrida


service to the community. With the expansion in the area expect an every community needs that
must be fulfilled by the government can be identified and coordinated in accordance with their
respective potentials. However, if viewed from the concept, the role of local government is to
provide public services. Accompanying the political dynamics that have developed since the
beginning of the reform era, especially with regard to the enactment of Law No. 22 of 1999
sprung the desire of various regions to split away to form new autonomous regions. For the
government issued Government Regulation No. 129 of 2000 on Regional Expansion governing,
among others, about the procedural instruments and instrument requirements of regional
expansion. and Government Regulation (PP) No. 19 of 2008 on government enacted the District.
The main purpose Pekaitan the District Redistricting is "to improve services and
accelerate development. Expansion of the District Pekaitan also expected to create local
independence and improve the welfare of the community "through: (1) improvement of service
to the community; (2) accelerating the growth of democracy; (3) accelerating the implementation
of regional economic development, (4) acceleration potential management areas, (5) increased
security and order.
This study is a qualitative research, the data collection techniques in this study is a
descriptive analysis. This study uses in-depth interviews with informants who did understand the
research problems that become the object of information, and documentation study aimed to
obtain information in the study.
The purpose of this study is: (1) To describe the impact of the expansion of the subdistrict
in the district Pekaitan regional development and the impact of the expansion of public
services in the District Pekaitan. This study is a qualitative research technique used to collect
data Descriptive Analysis
The results showed that: 1) positive and negative impacts on development Pekaitan
Rokan Hilir Subdistrict. 2) positive and negative impacts on public services in the District of
Rokan Hilir Pekaitan.
Keywords: Impact of Redistricting Districts, Development

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