IMPLEMENTASI PERDA NO. 7 TAHUN 2005 TENTANG PENGAWASAN DAN PENGENDALIAN MUATAN LEBIH (Studi Kasus Resiko Kerusakan Jalan Nasional dan Provinsi di Kota Pekanbaru)

As Juan Antoni, Ernawati "


Over loads is still an issue that needs special attention from the government
and people of Riau. There needs to be an understanding of the procedures for
loading of large transport vehicles loaded obey traffic in order to create a safe and
comfortable. The presence of more charge would be accompanied by the risk of
damage to the road. Pekanbaru city with its strategic location and as the capital of
Riau province could not be separated from the problems of overloading. In fact, if
the implementation is done with good roads such as national roads and provincial
roads will be maintained in Pekanbaru condition. In fact there is still damage to the
road. Researchers refer to the implementation of the theoretical concepts in Van
Meter Van Horn (Subarsono 2005). This research uses descriptive qualitative
method of data collection techniques of observation, interviewing and research
informants determined by snowball sampling technique. Samples taken are Riau
Provincial Transport Department. By looking at the condition of national roads and
provincial roads in Pekanbaru.
Keywords : Implementation , Regulation , Loads More , Damage Roa

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