Ade Ruhanda, Syafri Harto


This research describes the policy of the organization of Islamic conference revoke
membership status in Syria. Organization of Islamic Conference is a non-military
organization founded in rebates, Morocco on 25 September 1969, Syria is one of the member
states of the organization of Islamic conference. conflict in Syria is a complex problem which
is a violation of human rights, the number of casualties and the absence of security
guarantees for the citizens.
The research method used is descriptive qualitative research method of the facts. This
study is an explanation that describes the problem, indications, policies, and actions. In
technical writing, the authors collected and compiled the data through the study of literature
from multiple sources such as books, journals, articles, websites, and other media. The
author also uses the concept to International organizations and the concept of international
This research demonstrates a policy taken by the organization of Islamic conference
on political conflict in Syria. in addition, the conflict has become a political discussion of
most of the other members of the Organization of Islamic Conference. long span of time in
syria conflict settlement solution without causing the organization of Islamic conference syria
revoke membership status in 2012 based on the results of ministerial meetings and summits
remarkable Organization of Islamic Conference which was held in Makkah Al-Mukaramah
14th in Saudi Arabia -15 August 2012.
Keywords: Policy, Conflict, Organization of Islamic Conference, Syria

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