Wahyu Rio Santoso, Sujianto "


Wahyu Rio Santoso, 1001135934 public participation in flood prevention in the city of
Pekanbaru. Supervisor Prof. Dr. H. Sujianto. M. Si the Flooding problems in the city of
Pekanbaru has become a serious concern for officials and experts spatial City lately.
Therefore, almost every certain months of the regular flooding greets residents of Pekanbaru.
Mainly when rainfall exceeds the capacity of the ground already covered most cities and
pavin cement block. Even so, in fact unreasonable Pekanbaru city could be flooded. Because
the position is located far above the surface of the Siak river is about 4 or 5 feet above the
surface of the Siak river, except in the northern area of town around the coastal fringe urban
districts meranti pandak. Factor cause flooding can be caused naturally and also due to the
change. In urban areas the dominant cause of the flooding is a result of human activities that
cause spatial changes and impact on natural changes. Environmental degradation such as
loss of vegetation cover in the catchment area of soil, siltation of rivers due to sedimentation,
the narrowing of the river channel and so on can also be caused due to human action. The
concept of the theory is that researchers use community participation, Angell theory in Ross
and Holil are the factors that influence the community participation. while the research
methodology is divided into: the study site is in a handsome village kecematan luck works,
the type of research that is taking a qualitative approach with descriptive methods,
informants, types and sources of data put on primary data and secondary data, and data
collection techniques. From the above research results will be obtained as follows: public
participation is a form of energy, a thought, and possessions. While external factors are
communication, social climate, economic, political and cultural as well as the opportunity to
participate and creative freedom, while internal factors are age, gender, education,
employment, and income as well as the duration of its implementation in tackling flood
tinggal. is planning, determination plan, control and evaluation of the implementation of the
plan implementation plans.
Keywords: Participation, Flood. Society

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