Doni Kesuma Putra, Sofia Achnes


Along with the development of information and communication technology is rapidly
increasing this point is allowing the public to access any information they need in everyday
life, as if there is no limit. with the integration of technology and information systems also
have an impact on public institutions such as local government. as well as identification
cards which initially Siak changed with e-ID card this is due to advances in technology and
prevent people getting dual identity cards. E-ID card program launched by the Interior
Ministry of the republic of Indonesia in February 2011 in which the implementation is
divided into two stages. The first phase began in 2011 and ended on 30 April 2012 which
covers 67 million people in 2348 dan197 districts districts / cities. While the second stage
mencakup105 million inhabitants spread over 300 districts / city.And Rokan Hulu recording
stage 2, where Rokan Hulu successfully e-ID card recording to be the fastest in the e-ID card
recording in Riau Province.
The concept of the theory is that researchers use services, public policy and policy
implementation. theory of George C. Edward III in Sujianto ie variables that affect the
success of the implementation. while the research methodology is divided into: the location of
the research is in population and civil registration offices Rokan Hulu, the type of research
that is taking a qualitative approach with descriptive methods, informants, types and sources
of data put on primary data and secondary data, and data collection techniques.
From the above research will obtain results which are: communicasion is the delivery of policymaking
to policy as well as implementing consistent carrying out an adequate polisy, information,
and infrastructure, to support the operations of implementation of the policy. attitude/positive attitude
that earned from implementing a policy against a decision/policy are committed and consistent is
carrying out policies and not doing deskriminatif to the community. bureaucratic structure i.e. a
detaild staff structure and clear to enable the policies that have been creted.
Keywords: Implementation, Public policy. e-ID

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